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 The Armies of ROL

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The Armies of ROL Empty
PostSubject: The Armies of ROL   The Armies of ROL Icon_minitime1Tue Dec 15, 2009 12:22 am

At the time of your registration, you can choose among a series of different armies, namely: the warriors, the wizards, the wise ones and the suicidal ones.

Each army has its own characteristics of fight, applicable bonus / malus during all the time of your game. Certain bonus and units are also supplied to you at the beginning in your adventure.

1. The warriors
Attack: +20%Defence: -10%
Watchtowers: 1
Fortification level 1: Tents
BONUS: 15 soldiers (attack), 15 soldiers (défence), 10 serfs

2. The suicidal
Attack: +50%
Defence: -25%
Fortification level 0: none
BONUS: 5 serfs, 5 soldiers (attack)

3. The wizzards
Watchtowers: 4
Fortification level 2: Fence
BONUS: 15 wizards , 8 serfs

4. The wise
Attack: -30%
Defence: +15%
Watchtowers: 4
Fortification level 3: Wall in oak
BONUS: 20 serfs
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The Armies of ROL
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