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PostSubject: The Ecus ...   The Ecus ... Icon_minitime1Tue Dec 15, 2009 12:16 am

The currency used on Riseoflords is the ecu. With ecus you can buy everything on the website (troops, fortifications, weapons). To win ecus, there are various possibilities:

1/You can recruit a maximum of serfs and improve their yield by developing the techniques of production until produce 35 000 ecus of foods per turn. So, your serfs will produce the necessary foods for your troops and, the surplus of foods produced will come to be added to your account at the end of every turn of game, within the limit of 35 000 ecus by turn.

2/Your learning ended, you can plund ecus to the other Lords. With each victory, you will succeed in stealing part of the money from the beaten Lord. The percentage of stolen ecus depends on the number of spies in your possession.

3/The Square also allow you to get ecus each day. By visiting the websites of our partners, you get ecus indicated immediately. In this way, riseoflords.com will be known.

4/Buy ecus, turns, or mana (Bonus / helps), you will support financially the site while evolving more quickly in the game!
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