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 Lord's index card

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Lord's index card Empty
PostSubject: Lord's index card   Lord's index card Icon_minitime1Tue Dec 15, 2009 1:03 am

It is here that the information concerning the realm of a player is indicated in real time.

Innovations compared to information of the list of the Lords:
Links of submission (is he the vassal of anybody?)
Weather report (to attack a Lord in bad climatic conditions is much more difficult!)
SAA (force of army in attack): revealing information of the force of a Lord, even if no indication is given concerning the defence, obviously.
RP: Role play of the player, the optional literary part... Just to put yourself in the atmosphere of the game.

Possible options:
-Simple armed attack: your troops go to war against the Lord targeted with the aim of plundering him ecus. The maximum of plundered ecus will be equal to the number of ecus indicated on the index card.
-Call of reinforcements: if you have powerful vassals, this option can make a big difference. Indeed, 5 times a day, you have the possibility of calling your vassals and all their armies in reinforcement to attack a Lord! The benefits in ecus are only for you!
-Magic fight: your wizards and those of your enemies use their spells to try to steal the mana.
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Lord's index card
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