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PostSubject: Lords' list   Lords' list Icon_minitime1Tue Dec 15, 2009 1:01 am

This list contains all the players of Rise Of Lords. By arriving on this page, you see the Lords who have your level. Your classification fluctuates according to your possessions and to your force of attack and defence. To have more chances to plunder your enemies during an attack, attack the Lords who are below you in the classification!

The details of this list:
RANK (place in the classification)
[TEAM (if a player belongs to a coalition of players, the logo appears) ]
LOGIN (the pseudonym of the Lord)
ECUS (the number of ecus which this Lord has at the moment, it is of course this sum which we can hope to steal him if we attack).
ARMY (the type of army which the player chose, this information can be interesting to know if this player is better in attack or in defence, according to the bonus/malus of the armies)
ALIGNMENT (not really interesting during an attack, more a prestigious mark for the players staying in a positive alignment)

Click on the login of a Lord to see his personal index card.
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Lords' list
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