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 The Settlement of exchanges

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The Settlement of exchanges Empty
PostSubject: The Settlement of exchanges   The Settlement of exchanges Icon_minitime1Tue Dec 15, 2009 12:10 am

Settlement of exchanges

The Forums promote openness and conviviality, with a respectful, considerate and cordial tone. We welcome players who agree to act in accordance with the laws and the rules of the Forums. Be helpful and courteous when you welcome new players, so that all players, including any young children, will find a pleasant environment encouraging them to play.

The official language is English. Please keep your language clean and decent, this includes personal inflammatory language as well as obscenities. Chat-speak, SMS style and flooding are not allowed, nor is writing in full capital letters.

Hateful, defamatory, obscene, pornographic, violent, slanderous, abusive, insulting, threatening, racist, ethnically-discriminating, and harassing comments, or those that otherwise violate any applicable laws, are strictly forbidden. Should anyone use inappropriate, discriminating, or harmful language, violate human dignity, start a personal attack, or engage in hate speech, they will be banned from all further discussions without warning.

Repeat offenders will be barred from the forum and the game, and further action may be taken against them.

This forum is not a venue for personal or private disputes or vendettas. Keep your personal business precisely that: personal! If you have a complaint about another player or problems with other players, try to resolve them by private messages or tell a moderator.

Links to hacking, cracking, adult content, illegal download, P2P, etc. or other sites that violate any applicable laws, are not allowed and will be removed. This includes advertising or promotional activities and any malicious type of content.

Personal information Do not post personal data such as email addresses, phone numbers, etc. Email excerpts or private messages are not allowed. There are no exceptions to this rule: anyone posting another player's personal details will be banned.

Intellectual property rights
The posting of your content does not violate the privacy or publicity rights, copyrights or any other rights of any person or firm.

Additional rules
Using an outside program, script, glitch, or any browser tricks, including but not only bots, plug-ins and auto refresh/load, in the game to alter the affects of the game is considered as cheating and prohibited. The only exceptions to this are programs that are specifically approved by RiseOfLords.

Using a bug intentionally for someone's benefit or not reporting a bug intentionally is strictly forbidden. Any player that discovers an error in the programming, a security loophole or any default that may alter the game's quality, must immediately contact the RiseOfLords's Administrators to tell them of it.

You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your password and you will be held responsible for all uses of your password, whether or not authorized by you. Each player is allowed to control a single account. Each account is entitled to be played by a single player. If two or more accounts are often, or occasionally being played from the same network, an Administrator must be notified, without exception. In these cases the accounts will never be able to have contact while on the same connection. Account sitting, account exchange/donation/loan are strictly prohibited.

These rules apply to everyone. Playing the game and posting on the forum means that you accept them. Messages posted on this forum are the sole opinion and responsibility of the poster. You agree not to hold RiseOfLords liable for anything stated within the forums.

You agree that the Administrator and Moderators have the right to remove any post at any time should they see fit, without warning. If necessary, further action may be taken against repeat offenders.

Discussions about administrator or moderator actions should be discussed in private messages, not on the public forums. You are also prohibited from protesting moderator or administrator actions in posts, titles, profile or avatars. If you don't like something that a moderator has done, send a private message to the moderator and try your best to resolve the problem.

You are prohibited from broadcasting the forum on the link for screens of posts deleted by a moderator. In order not to encourage troublemakers, never reply to provocation.

Report Problems: tell Moderators or Administrators about unacceptable posts or private messages, rule violations, or anything else you think needs moderator attention, by clicking on the 'Contact Moderator' section. Please do not react to rule violations: just report them.

Do not reply to any messages that are hostile, rude or inappropriate, or in any way make you feel uncomfortable. Instead, let us know about them by using the 'Contact Moderator' section.
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The Settlement of exchanges
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