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 The Alignement

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PostSubject: The Alignement   The Alignement Icon_minitime1Tue Dec 15, 2009 12:31 am

The alignment represents your orientation of fight. More you will plunder high in the classification, or on your level, plus your positive strength will increase. More you will plunder low in the classification, plus you will increase your negative strength. 0 represent the most perfect neutrality. Each orientation presents advantages and disadvantages.

Alignement > 0
The just receive a bonus of attack in the fights and can call upon the powerful creatures which are dragons. Thanks to their pure heart, these invocations are rather easy and not very expensive.

Alignement < 0
The demonic receive a bonus of defence in fight and can call upon the devils. As powerful as the dragons, they ask more mana and ecus than dragons given their malefic nature …

When you begin your adventure, it is normal to plunder weaker Lords because you still have really an army or strategy. That is why the alignment enters in account only after 30 days of play.
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The Alignement
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